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What can I do with a degree in sociology, anthropology, or human development & family science?


A sociology degree prepares you for a wide range of career opportunities. Although job descriptions rarely say “understands human behavior and social interaction” these are exactly the skills that many employers want. Think about the skills needed to excel in politics, administration, and public relations, these people are able to translate individual behaviors and relationships to the societal level and understand the impact of various social forces on human behavior- exactly what you learn in sociology courses! In addition to these careers, students have gone on to be doctors, lawyers, researchers, and teachers. A BA in sociology prepares you to navigate the complex world of social interaction, whether in your everyday life or in the global world of business, politics, or education.

The curriculum at UL Lafayette is designed to provide students with an integrated body of knowledge leading to careers in community service, social work, counseling, marketing research, criminal justice and personnel management. The curriculum also provides a strong educational foundation for students that want to continue their studies in professional schools such as law, theology, business, or continue their graduate training in sociology and other fields (such as anthropology, psychology, political science, criminal justice, communication and philosophy). Sociology majors often say the reason they chose the major was because of the interesting, timely and relevant concepts and topics covered in their courses, exactly the type of knowledge a graduate can translate into a job. So if you are ready to help change society and learn more about your own life, come earn a degree in sociology!


The true answer is anything! When people think of anthropology they often think of the classic job opportunities in archaeology digging holes, or interviewing remote tribes in the Amazon, or analyzing skeletons in a museum. While these job opportunities are real, you can do so much more with an Anthropology degree. Students have gone on to be doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, and politicians. A BA in Anthropology prepares students to work in today’s complex world, where an understanding of human interaction will allow you to excel in any number of professions. A degree in anthropology prepares students to understand and participate in the international activities that characterize business, government, and education today.

Job opportunities include Human Rights Lawyer, Park Ranger, Statistician, Census Taker, Museum Technician, Medical Doctor, Foreign Affairs Officer, Military Personnel, Science Teacher, Coroner, Autopsy Technician, Death Investigator, and the list goes on. It is true, when your parents search “anthropologist” there are very few jobs with that title, however when you read the skills that jobs want, “ability to work in groups, ability to organize data from a variety of sources, or ability to think critically” or “have an understand of diverse work environments, understand how to work with a diverse group of people, or be able to interact with a wide variety of people” or “knows how to research a topic in a variety of media, can compile and organize a variety of information, or can locate and identify relevant sources or information”; these are the skills you learn in anthropology. A bachelor degree in Anthropology prepares you for any number of careers, some require continued education in graduate school, medical school, or law school, while others will be available to you upon completion of your degree.

Human Development & Family Science

With a degree in human development and family science, you’ll be prepared to become a certified family life educator. Our human development and family science program has been approved by the National Council on Family Relations for graduates of the program to become Certified Family Life Educators through an abbreviated application process.

Family life educators teach and foster personal development, good decision-making skills, positive self-esteem, and healthy interpersonal relationships to individuals and families. Family life educators do this through an educational approach, often in a classroom-type setting or through educational materials.

Many of our graduates have also found career opportunities in business, government, and non-profit organizations.

With a human development and family science degree, you’ll also have the educational foundation required to earn advanced degrees. With an advanced degree, you could have a career as a counselor, attorney, social worker, marriage and family therapist, gerontologist, and more.

UL Lafayette human development and family science graduates have earned master’s, doctoral, or law degrees from universities including Webster University, UNO, University of North Texas, Texas Woman’s University, Tulane, and LSU, as well as UL Lafayette. Our graduates often pursue master’s or doctoral degrees in mental health counseling, social work, gerontology, law, sociology, higher education, psychology, and marriage and family therapy.

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