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Anthropology Critical Courses

To graduate, you must pass all anthropology courses with a C or better.

There are five required courses in anthropology:

  • Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 201)
  • Physical Anthropology (ANTH 202)
  • Archaeology (ANTH 303)
  • Linguistic Anthropology (ANTH 390) OR Introduction to Linguistics (ENGL 351)
  • Anthropological Theory (ANTH 470)

Beyond the required anthropology courses students can chose the anthropology courses that interest them. The anthropology program at UL Lafayette offers a wide variety of courses to choose from, for example, students can delve into the details of past civilization including rise and fall of the Roman Empire and the Inca in World Archaeology (ANTH203). Or students can explore the details of human evolution, what distinguishes Australopithecines from Homo habilis or how did humans and Neandertals live side by side for so long in Human Evolution (ANTH350). Students interested in studying the local communities in and around Lafayette or seeking to understand the intersection of culture, history, and architecture can take Louisiana Indians (ANTH450) or Heritage and Habitat (ANTH465). And for those students who want to take one of these topics a step further or what to pursue research on a topic not currently offered, they can arrange to take an independent research class (ANTH497 or 498).

In addition to these anthropology courses student are required to take courses in English, math, science, arts and humanities, communications, behavioral sciences, and a minor of their choice. The minor typically consists of 18 credit hours, or 6 courses. At least 6 of the 18 credit hours must be completed at the 300 or 400 level. No more than one D is allowed in minor courses.